Additional Advantages

  • Online Employment Bureau available for employees and employers.
  • Online Tutorials. Exams and Issuing of Diplomas.
  • Discussion forum and exchange of information among all participants.
Who are our aimed at

Having substantial experience and a thorough knowledge of a range of different areas has become a requisite in the labour market. Take a look at our courses, get further information about them and, if they interest you, enrol straight away. Today you can start a new life…

DY Learn has been designed for different groups of people:

Individuals, of any age, who want to apply for a new job. It can be either a first job or a change to improve a career position. DY Learn diplomas will certify that you have a thorough knowledge of these solutions.

Students, who need to acquire practical knowledge to be competent when using business tools.

New Partners, who want to acquire practical knowledge in the field or existing partners who want to train their new employees to a high competency level.

Companies who want to revise and update the knowledge of their employees, learn new functionalities and increase return values from their systemsp>

All in all, these courses are aimed at anyone who is interested in discovering the most commonly used business tools and wants to certify their knowledge in the field and improve their career prospects.

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